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Bedfordshire CCG agrees terms of reference for major review

04 December 2013

Bedfordshire CCG governing body today agreed the terms of reference for a major review of hospital and community health services in Bedfordshire next year.

The GP-led clinical commissioning group signed up to the review last month but made it clear that BCCG’s participation depended on their agreeing the terms of reference. These terms of reference outline how the partners will work together.

There will be three stages to the review which will run from January 2014 through to the summer. The first stage will assess the current provision of services in Bedfordshire. The second stage will be a major engagement exercise with local patients, clinicians and other stakeholders to understand our healthcare needs and priorities. BCCG will lead this stage.

The final stage will result in a report that sets out the options for healthcare provision that we can take to patients and the public for consultation next year. The TOR make it clear that any decisions about the future of healthcare in Bedfordshire lie with BCCG.

Writing to local GPs today, Dunstable GP and BCCG clinical lead Dr Paul Hassan said: “Our focus remains on providing high quality, safe services close to home but this review also gives us an opportunity to work with Bedford Hospital to secure its future.

“Key to its success will be keeping you, your clinical colleagues, patients and the public involved in the process. Including staff in our provider organisations is also crucial.”

For further information contact Lucie Carrington, tel: 07920 459662

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