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Avoid slips, trips and falls - The 'Winter 3' top tips

20 January 2014

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is reminding older residents to start planning as the weather will begin to change.  With wet and cold weather forecast for the coming weeks it’s important to take appropriate measures to ensure you stay safe and healthy.

Bedfordshire CCG is providing three top tips to prevent slips, trips and falls that will become heightened during wet, cold and icy weather conditions.  Some may seem obvious, but they could help you to stay safe and healthy over the coming weeks.

Dr Fran Ross, Bedfordshire CCG Urgent Care Lead, said “With winter comes the slippery stuff, the cold, the ice, and snow, all of which can lead to the ‘Winter 3’ — slips and trips and falls and sometimes broken bones, sprains, and strains.

“Slips in the winter are mostly caused by a slippery surface, plus wearing the wrong footwear, and simple distraction”

Bedfordshire CCG recommends avoiding the ‘Winter 3’ by following the three simple steps to take extra precaution in the cold weather. Change the surface, change your shoes, and change your walk.

1. Change the surface

  • Spread sand or salt on icy surfaces on walkways, work areas, and steps.
  • Consider putting the activity off until conditions improve if the weather is really bad.
  • Keep steps and equipment clean and dry. Take the time to clean off mud, snow, and ice.

2. Change your shoes

  • Wear shoes or boots with a flat, low heel, a slip-resistant sole to reduce slipping hazards and a good tread that helps to grip the surface.

3. Change your walk

  • Walk slowly and carefully

Watch a short video to help prevent slips, trips and falls this winter 


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