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Mental health services continue as new provider is sought

18 March 2014

Bedfordshire CCG has begun the procurement process for mental health, learning disability and child and adolescent mental health services.  Local clinicians and patients will select the best providers of care.

The South Essex Partnership Trust (SEPT) which currently runs the mental health provision in Bedfordshire has announced it will not continue providing services to Bedfordshire

SEPT was awarded the contract for the delivery of mental health and learning disability services in Bedfordshire and Luton in 2010. Luton CCG has expressed a wish to have a sole contract going forward from April 2014. SEPT has agreed to continue to provide their services to Bedfordshire CCG until we secure the services of a new provider.

John Rooke, Chief Operating Officer, Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said, “We are about to launch a major procurement for mental health services in Bedfordshire. Local clinicians and patients will select the best providers of care. Also, as local family doctors we remain committed to redeveloping the Weller Wing into a modern unit with the best possible facilities for our patients.

“In the mean time our current provider, SEPT, will be expected to work seamlessly with the new providers in order to ensure we continue to provide services without any impact on patients. The new providers will take over delivering services from 1st April 2015.

“We are particularly keen to make sure that mental health services meet all of the needs of our patients and address the issues that are most important for them to get better and keep well.

“This is an opportunity to improve mental health services, and increase capacity across Bedfordshire while reducing any gaps in provision of service, improving outcomes for all mental health patients and their families, helping them live the lives they want to lead.”

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