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Carers and GPs working together

08 April 2014

Carers were given the opportunity to reflect on what their GP has done well and what they think their GP could have done better, or differently, to support them. Bedford Borough Council recently hosted another of its meeting of the Carers’ Forum on behalf of the Bedford Borough Carers’ Partnership Board.  

A family carer is anyone, of any age, who as a part of their normal life, offers help and support to a relative or friend who is dependent on them. The forum provided the opportunity for carers to meet and support each other.

At the meeting, Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) gave a short presentation about the support GPs should offer carers and the reasons why carers are encouraged to inform their GP of their caring role. 

The information gathered by the CCG will be used to help change the support and services they provide.  Cllr Colleen Atkins, Executive Member for Adult Services at Bedford Borough Council, said:  “We value the help and support that carers give to their loved ones. GPs and GP Practices can provide carers with important support, advice and information.  We want carers to know what support they should be offered by their GPs and for GPs to learn how they can improve their services.”

Dr. Morgan Walters, of De Parys Avenue Surgery, said: “Carers are vital to the health and wellbeing of many of our patients. Effective partnership working and communication with GPs, and numerous other services are important in maximising this benefit to support patient and carer. Carers organisations are also an important element. Carers need to communicate their concerns and indicate when they are struggling, so that these issues can be dealt with, for instance around when medication should be given.”


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