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Leighton Buzzard GP cycling for bowel cancer cure

11 April 2014

Leighton Buzzard GP, Chris Marshall is cycling the 100-mile Prudential Ride London this summer to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK.

Writing in his monthly column for the Leighton Buzzard Observer, Dr Marshall urges people with early wanring signs of bowel cancel to visit their GPs. "This is definitley one of the cancers that if daignosed and treated at an earlier stage is more likely to be cured," he says. "The trouble with bowel cancer is that it is an illness that affects an unglamorous part and little-mentioned functioning of the body."

Early warning signs inlcude: blood in the motion, wieght loss, increasing tiredness and abdominal pain. But there are things people can do to help prevent bowel cancer including regular exercise and getting more fibre in the diet and - if they are overweight - losing weight.

For more information go to http://www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk


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