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Mental health, learning disabilities, child and adolescent health services procurement news update

15 May 2014

BCCG is currently involved in the procurement process for mental health, learning disabilities, and child and adolescent mental health services. We have been working hard on developing our mental health services in partnership with Bedford Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council. Our aim is to develop services to meet the local needs of adults, children and young people. We are working with local clinicians and patients to select the best providers of care.

Our Mental Health Strategic Objectives  2013 - 2016 sets out Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s strategic plans for improving mental health services over the next three years.

John Rooke, Chief Operating Officer, said, “We are particularly keen to make sure that mental health services meet all the needs of our patients and address the issues that are most important for them to get better and keep well.

“This is an opportunity to improve mental health services, and increase capacity across Bedfordshire while reducing any gaps in provision of service, improving outcomes for all mental health patients and their families, helping them live the lives they want to lead.”


Procurement progress update

The formal process to identify providers for mental health services has started and organisations who were interested in bidding submitted their bids on 22 April.

Following the publication of our Pre- Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) for the mental health procurement process, Bedfordshire CCG have obtained a good response from a range of bidders to provide services across all four lots (see below).

  • Lot 1 Mental Health Services Steps 1 - 3
  • Lot 2 Mental Health Services- Steps 4 - 5 (including Specialist Learning, Disability Services and the Local Authority Section 75 Services)
  • Lot 3 Rehabilitation and Recovery Services
  • Lot 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) Service

The PQQ questionnaire assesses the suitability of potential bidder organisations with regards to technical, commercial and financial capabilities. It supports the shortlisting process for interested organisations who meet the required minimum qualification criteria. Once shortlisted, organisations will be invited to tender.

Bidder applications are currently undergoing a shortlisting process with clinicians, service experts, service users and their carers being involved in selecting the preferred service.


SEPT service provider arrangements during transitional period

The South Essex Partnership Trust (SEPT), along with other service providers currently runs specialist mental health services provision in Bedfordshire. During this transitional period SEPT have agreed to extend the current arrangement to provide our services and help minimise any impact on clients, while we complete the procurement.

Bedford Borough Council, Central Bedfordshire Council and BCCG are working together in partnership to ensure that we select the provider who will help transform and deliver the best services from April 2015.


CAMHS Consultation

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) is a specialist service that offers assessment and care for children and young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties. CAMHS is currently provided by BCCG in partnership with SEPT, CHUMS, Relate, Sorted and Open Doors.

A CAMHS consultation was held from 10 March – 9 May 2014. We had an excellent response to our online and postal questionnaires with over 245 completed questionnaires received from service users and other stakeholder groups. The views and opinions collected will help us shape our future provision of mental health services for children and young people.


What our future services will look like

  • Local GPs and our mental health team have worked with  our local authority partners, speciality clinicians, voluntary sector organisations and service users and carers to develop new integrated models of care
  • Our stepped approach will allow primary care (family doctors) to offer more mental health support including psychological therapies
  • Specialist mental health teams will be developed within each of our five localities to support people with more severe mental health needs
  • We are currently involved in a procurement process to find the providers who will take over and develop our services next year (2015). This covers adult and children’s mental health services
  • We will continue to engage patients and the public in these activities so that we ensure we have the right services in place.

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