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Healthcare Review narrows hospital options

11 July 2014

Over the past few months the Healthcare Review has been holding extensive discussions with clinicians, patients and the public about 14 potential options for the future configuration of local hospital services.

These discussions have focused on a full range of services across Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes from care offered close to home to specialist hospital services.

Having considered input from each of these groups, the review will conduct further detailed work on five of the potential 14 options. Each of the five options involves the continuation of A&E services at one or both of Bedford NHS Trust and Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust, and a broad range of emergency and planned services on both hospital sites.

The precise scope of those services and how they can best be organised to benefit patients is part of the further work that we will undertake next. Alongside the work on hospital services, we are continuing to work on how we can improve the delivery of care closer to home, which constitutes the majority of healthcare services delivered to local people.

As commissioners, it is our responsibility to secure the delivery of services to meet the current and future healthcare needs of our local populations. However, it is important to note that no decisions about the future configuration of those services will be made until an extensive, formal and public consultation has taken place. In the meantime we will present the latest progress from our work on care closer to home and on hospital services at our events with the public in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes on 23 July.

A progress report with recommendations for the next stage of the review will be presented at the CCG Governing Body meetings in August and will be published on both Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes CCG websites.

For further information contact;

Lucie Carrington Tel 07920 459662; Email lucie.carrington@bedfordshireccg.nhs.uk. Or call Wayne Rabin on 07824 129133; email wayne.rabin@gemcsu.nhs.uk

Notes to editors

The Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Healthcare Review is looking at hospital, community and GP health services across Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. It is being led by Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) with support from three national agencies, Monitor, the Trust Development Authority and NHS England.

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