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Day at the River Festival leads to vital early treatment for cancer

18 December 2014


A chance visit to the NHS Bedfordshire marquee at this year’s Bedford River Festival resulted in vital early treatment for skin cancer for Ann Hester

Ann, 75 and from Luton, was in the health marquee with her daughter Lesley when they got talking to Dr Katya Burova, a consultant dermatologist from Bedford Hospital.

Lesley suggested Dr Burova examine a mole on Ann’s foot. Ann, who’d had the mole since she was 17, reluctantly agreed as the mole had recently changed shape. Unhappy with what she saw, Dr Burova advised Ann to go straight to her GP the following Monday.

The result was a referral to the Luton and Dunstable Hospital (L&D) where doctors confirmed that Ann had a superficial spreading melanoma. The mole was swiftly removed under local anaesthetic. Ann requires further treatment but doctors at the L&D have confirmed that her prognosis is much better because the cancer was caught early.

Ann said: “I’m so grateful to Dr Burova. I would never have gone to the doctor otherwise. I’m quite a healthy lady and I would have been embarrassed to think that I was wasting doctors’ time over a tiny mole.”



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