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North Bedfordshire Primary and Acute Care Programme takes shape

05 February 2015


At a meeting held in public on 4 February, members of BCCG's Governing Body agreed the current course of action and proposed next steps for the North Bedfordshire Primary and Acute Programme, a joint project between BCCG, Bedford Hospital and Bedford GPs that aims to explore different models for a modern district general hospital in Bedford that supports integrated care, is clinically and financially viable and which can meet the clinical standards of the future.

This programme is being implemented under the banner of 'Your Health in Bedfordshire' and in line with the following specific recommendation from the Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes Healthcare Review progress report: "To carry out further detailed work on the preferred options for the future provision of hospital services."

Here's how the North Bedfordshire Primary and Acute Programme fits into the overall Healthcare Review process.


This joint team is now carrying out further detailed work on potential models for a modern district hospital in Bedford, drawing on the findings of the Healthcare Review, the recommendations from the NHS Five Year Forward Plan (published in October 2014), national and international best practice and the PACs model for primary and acute care integration, to understand what will work for the local population. They will also be looking to understand the impact any changes will have further afield.

This intensive 12-week programme kicked off on 5 January and aims to produce, by 2 April, an option appraisal of the recommended options from the Healthcare Review ‘study phase’ that will all be further developed to understand local applicability and sustainability.

The programme has a robust governance structure with membership from across the healthcare system, supported by experienced Programme Director Tessa Walton. Tessa has a strong background of project management within the NHS, with specialist knowledge in clinical strategy and urgent care. She was Interim Chief Operating Officer and Director of Strategy at Bedford Hospital from October 2013 to April 2014, and Programme Director for Acute Medicine at Milton Keynes Hospital from May to December 2014.



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