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Welcoming the new Bedfordshire Mental Health and Wellbeing Service

29 April 2015

Carers and service users were given the opportunity to meet with senior staff from the Bedfordshire Mental Health and Wellbeing Service when they attended a welcome meeting mid April.

John Wilkins the Deputy Chief Executive of East London NHS Foundation Trust  (ELFT)and Managing Director of the new service gave a brief introduction about the organisation and their plans for improving and delivering mental health and learning disability services in Bedfordshire.

After the meeting Bedfordshire GP and BCCG clinical lead for mental health, Dr Judy Baxter said:
“We were very keen for the people who will use the services, receive support or treatment and their carers to be able to meet the new providers and ask any questions they might have, especially about what is being planned for the future. We are pleased that ELFT wanted to know the hopes and fears of the people in Bedfordshire so that these could be addressed and used in their planning processes. There was a commitment to hold further similar meetings on a regular basis in the future” 

Members of the audience wrote:
“Thank you for arranging the event. I was really bouyed up by the attitude of the ELFT people and hope their words turn into actions. My wife has had good treatment and help in the past which we hope will continue under the new regime.”
“Thank you to all involved: it was a really positive meeting!”

For more information about the Bedfordshire Mental Health and Wellbeing Service please click here and to see the presentation slides from the welcome meeting please click here.

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