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Bedfordshire’s new dementia website helps GPs, patients and carers

29 May 2015

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) has launched a website to help GPs to support people with dementia, and their families and carers: anyone concerned about memory loss is encouraged to see their GP.

The website, which is called the Bedfordshire Dementia Roadmap, has now gone live and provides detailed information about the dementia journey. Although it is aimed at clinical staff with assessment tools to help GPs, the website is also a valuable resource for members of the public and has a wealth of useful information including contact details of support organisations.

Dr Judy Baxter, local GP and Clinical Director for BCCG said:

“The GP is often the first port of call for people worried about their memory or who have concerns about dementia – either for themselves or a family member. The Dementia Roadmap is a new source of information for GPs to help them give patients the support they need. This is especially important as people are living longer and there are more cases of dementia in the population.

Dementia causes worry and concern for patients and families. This website will make it easier for GPs to give appropriate help and support to patients and their carers.”

Dementia Roadmap Bedfordshire covers a number of key areas in clearly headed sections:

Understanding dementia: a clear explanation of dementia as a progressive set of symptoms including memory loss and behaviour change which may be caused by diseases such as Alzheimers’ or stroke

Worried about your memory: explains the importance of seeking help early on from a GP for support and clinical assessment

Diagnostic process: diagnosis can be difficult especially in the early stages and may include a blood test, scan, or a visit to a memory clinic. There are a number of diagnostic support tools for clinicians

Post diagnosis support: encouragement and support for people to remain as independent as possible as practical help can enable people to continue to enjoy their usual activities

Carer health: a regular check-up is advised for carers and there are contact details for carer support groups and respite care

Planning for the future: making arrangements for the future including care options or other help that an individual may need including planning for having another person to manage their affairs.

Bedfordshire Dementia Roadmap is available here. 

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