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Would you know what to do if your child is unwell or injured?

19 August 2015

Over two million children under the age of 15 have accidents in and around the home every year, and the under-fives are the most likely to hurt themselves. If you are a parent or look after a child, would you know where to go for help or what action to take?

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) has a range of factsheets specially designed to help parents or anyone who looks after a child know what to do to look after a poorly child who needs urgent healthcare and where to get the best help. The factsheets are available on the website https://www.bedfordshireccg.nhs.uk/page/?id=4283

Children can become unwell very quickly – which is a great worry for parents or carers. Knowing about symptoms and being able to assess how unwell a child is can be a big help.

Dr Mary Fenske, GP and an expert in children’s urgent care BCCG said: “We want to help parents and carers have more confidence about what to do when a child becomes unwell. Having paracetamol and ibuprofen in your medicine cupboard at home is always sensible, along with oral rehydration sachets such as Dioralyte which are available at supermarkets and pharmacies.

While most accidents are minor and can be treated at home with a first aid kit and a hug, the factsheets cover a range of childhood health emergencies and contain medical advice on where to get the right advice or treatment, whether it is giving paracetamol at home with rest, getting advice from a pharmacy, or calling your GP. For more serious urgent medical advice, call 111 or visit your local A&E in the event of a real emergency.”

For more information, contact communications@bedfordshirecg.nhs.uk or Katrina Grant 01525 864406/ 01525 864430 or 07813 969786

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