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BCCG Pre-Consultation Engagement Statement

04 April 2016

BCCG has recently undertaken a piece of pre-engagement activity to gauge the views of local public and stakeholders and explore the possibility of consulting the public on the future of the following being available on the NHS in Bedfordshire:

• Gluten free foods
• Over the counter medications, and
• Specialist fertility services

BCCG has some difficult decisions to make about the services provided and needs to ensure that the services commissioned best meet the needs of the whole of the population of Bedfordshire.
The pre-engagement survey closed on 25 March. A report based on the information gathered is on the agenda for BCCG’s Governing Body meeting on Thursday 7 April where they will make a decision about whether to go to formal consultation.
If BCCG does proceed to formal consultation, it will be in-depth and wide-reaching to ensure that patients and public are given the opportunity to feed in their views to shape any decisions about whether or not to change any of these services.
For more information on the Governing Body and the report can be found here.

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