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Warmer weather can take your breath away so keep your inhaler handy if you have lung problems

17 May 2016

*As summer approaches, the hay fever season can bring difficulties for people with breathing problems such as asthma.

There has already been a rise in the number of people seeking medical help for shortness of breath, which can be made worse when there is a high pollen count and warmer weather.

Pollen allergies can make hay fever sufferers feel uncomfortable, but for those with asthma or other lung disease it can be more serious.

More patients are being seen at Bedford Hospital because of breathlessness, so it is important that people who have a lung problem manage their condition with the use of inhalers or other prescribed medication to avoid ending up in hospital as an emergency.

Anyone who has asthma or other lung problems should keep their prescribed inhaler with them at all times.

Dr Dayo Kuku, who is the Respiratory clinical expert for NHS Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) and is a local GP said:

“Many plants and allergens can make breathing problems worse. So, be aware of what affects you and talk to your doctor or practice nurse about allergy medications or inhalers to support your breathing in the summer heat.”

High street pharmacists can advise on the use of medication and are a useful first port of call, especially as they can offer clinical advice without an appointment and review prescribed medication.

Anyone who has sudden shortness of breath should call their GP right away or call 111 to talk to the NHS for urgent medical advice.

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