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Healthcare Review Joint Committee meeting postponed

10 June 2016


Joint Statement from NHS England and the Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Healthcare Review.

The decision has been taken to postpone the proposed Healthcare Review Joint Committee meeting on the 14th June. 

The Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Healthcare Review has taken legal advice and been advised that to proceed with such a meeting in the immediate run-up to the EU Referendum would contravene the principles of Purdah1.

In addition, the Healthcare Review was initiated prior to the introduction of Sustainability and Transformation Plans. Given the importance of aligning plans across Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes, it has been agreed that a pause in the Review will be taken to ensure the direction of travel is consistent with the developing Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

A further update will be provided in due course.

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 1: Purdah is a period when the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 prevents public bodies from making any announcements or decisions on new or controversial initiatives. The Purdah period surrounding the EU Referendum runs from 19 May to 23 June 2016.

The Healthcare Review is a joint programme being led by Bedfordshire CCG and Milton Keynes CCG, working closely with Bedford and Milton Keynes hospitals and with oversight from national healthcare bodies. For more information, see the Healthcare Review website at www.BedsandMKhealth.org

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