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If your child falls ill this summer, think pharmacy first

08 August 2017


The summer holidays are now in full swing, but you didn’t envisage your little one falling ill, leaving them fed up, confined to the sofa watching TV.

Help is at hand though as most minor ailments, such as coughs, bumps and scrapes can be looked after at home or with advice from a pharmacist.

Dr Chris Marshall, a GP from Bedfordshire said, “The pharmacy is a great place to start when your child falls ill. If they have a cough, bump or scrape the pharmacy will stock plenty of remedies that can be used at home to relieve symptoms, meaning your little ones will be tearing around again in no time.

“Pharmacists are clinicians and can also advise if your child needs to see a doctor, but most minor ailments can be treated easily and effectively with over the counter medicines.

“If the pharmacist is closed and it’s urgent but not an emergency call NHS 111 where trained medical professionals can talk through your child’s symptoms and advise on the best course of action.”

Mums and dads need to know that their local pharmacists can provide expert advice on how to help manage illnesses, as well as guidance on the best treatments. What’s more, many of the larger supermarkets with extended opening hours now have trained pharmacists on hand so you can even get advice whilst doing the weekly shop!

For more information www.nhs.uk 

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