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Bedfordshire health body secures £470,000 in funding to invest in diabetes care

09 August 2017


Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, as a member of the local STP footprint, has secured £470,000 of funding to invest in Diabetes care and treatment programmes across the county.

Diabetes is the fastest-growing health threat in the UK and if left untreated can cause serious health complications: 21,800* people are currently diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes in Bedfordshire which represents a 5.1%** increase on the previous year. Over the last two years admissions to hospital for diabetes related conditions have increased and the average length of hospital stay has increased to 7.7 days.  The funding is vital to keep people well and reduce the cost of diabetes to the local health system and will see healthcare professionals working together across primary, community and hospital settings to improve skills and share learning.  At the heart of the investment is the quality of patient care which includes;

·         Increasing the number of specialists to improve early diagnosis rates and access to specialist care

·         Working with patients to agree individual care plans as part of their Diabetes annual review

·         Improving the availability and uptake of ‘structured education’ to help patients to manage their condition, by increasing the number of courses available in convenient locations at times that suit patients

·         Refining referrals to specialist foot care teams to improve foot care with a focus on reducing amputations

Dr Alvin Low, Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Clinical Chair, said:

“There are many ways in which we can improve the health of people diagnosed with diabetes and this is the focus of our investment.  By improving access to education we can help people manage their condition and, if they require it, provide timely access to specialist care.  As well as investing in treatment we are also introducing new ways of working, making the best use of all of the resources available to ensure the highest levels of care for patients. By improving access and bringing together specialists from different areas of medicine the investment will ensure patients receive the very best care for what can be a complex, life changing condition.”

Brioni Maker, Diabetes UK Eastern Improving Care Manager, said:

“Diabetes is a serious condition but people with diabetes who manage their condition well can reduce their risk of developing complications.

“We know putting patients at the heart of the care planning is vital. People with diabetes should be supported to manage their condition by getting the structured education they need to manage the condition on their own, but also from receiving regular checks on their condition from properly trained healthcare professionals.

“We are looking forward to seeing all the planned improved services across Bedfordshire developing and, ultimately, improving the health outcomes of people living with diabetes.”


* In Bedfordshire in 2015/2016, 1,804 people were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and 19,808 people were diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

** In 2014/2015 1,679 people were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and 18,866 people were diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

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