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Class 1: Who we are and what we do

You can find out more about Bedfordshire CCG throughout this website, especially on the Who we are and News pages.  For more detailed information, a good place to start is our Publications page, where you will find our Annual Report 2013-14, our Organisational Development Plan 2014-2019, our Plan for Patients 2014-16, and two documents outlining our plans and projects across the two local authority areas - Your Health in Bedford Borough, and Your Health in Central Bedfordshire. 

There are five Localities within Bedfordshire CCG:  Bedford, Chiltern Vale, Ivel Valley, West Mid Bedfordshire, and Leighton Buzzard

Please note that Bedfordshire CCG covers all of Bedfordshire except Luton (which has its own Luton CCG).

How we fit into the NHS structure

We are a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).  Clinical Commissioning Groups were created by the Health and Social Care Act which came into effect on 01/04/2013.  They are run and led by local clinicians, including GPs, nurses and hospital doctors, who have taken over the responsibility for planning, organising and purchasing NHS-funded healthcare for the people of Bedfordshire.  CCGs took on some of the duties of the former Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) when the PCTs were abolished, but also have new responsibilities. 

You can find out more about how CCGs fit into the NHS structure here

Our Organisational structure

Our Governing Body and Constitution

You can find out about Bedfordshire CCG's governing body here and about its Senior Management team here.  You can also read the CCG's Constitution

Information relating to organisations with which the CCG works

Bedfordshire CCG is committed to working with a number of NHS and non-NHS organisations, to ensure local delivery of services and their development in accordance with national guidance and local needs. These organisations include local hospitals and other NHS trusts, local authorities, educational establishments, police, probation, the private sector and not-for profit and community groups.  Some examples are given below, with hyperlinks to the organisations.  A list of the CCG's current contracts with its healthcare providers is available here.

Within the CCG:

Patient Participation Groups

External NHS organisations we work with include:

Public Health:

Public Health is now the responsibility of the local authorities and a national body, Public Health England. 


Healthwatch is a new organisation which aims to give citizens and communities a stronger voice with which to influence and challenge the ways in which local services are provided.

Not-for-Profit organisations we work with include:

Please also see the Contact Us page, which includes a full list of the staff at the CCG's headquarters, and the document
Commissioning Intentions 2014-15, which includes the contact details of the lead members of staff for individual planned service reviews. 


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