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Class 3: Our priorities and how we are doing

Please see the Annual Report & Accounts, Bedfordshire Plan for Patients 2014-16 and Commissioning for Change 2015-16.

Click here to read about the CCG's Equality Objectives.

Each of the five Localities within Bedfordshire CCG also has its own Locality Delivery Plan, setting out its local priorities, which can be found within the Localities pages. 

To check on progress, see the Reports to the CCG's Governing Board - including reports on how the services and providers the CCG commissions are performing - which are available on this website, along with the other papers from the meetings of the governing body. See also Our performance, where you can read our quarterly performance reports.

For more updates, see also the News section of this website.

As Bedfordshire CCG is a new organisation, it has not yet published an Annual Report and Accounts, but in due course these will be presented at a public meeting and be made available on this website.


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