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Join your local patient participation group

Most of our GP practices have a Patient Participation Group (PPG). The groups are made up of patients and carers who take an interest in patient health care. You can join the group to give your views on local healthcare and help the practice improve their services. But you don't have to attend meetings to share your views.  Many GP practices run virtual patient participation email groups to gather the views and experiences of patients. 

To find out more about your practice's patient participation group and how you can join, please contact your GP practice

What have our PPGs achieved so far? 

By working together with patients, our PPGs have already made improvements for patients and GP practices by:

  • Setting up patient transport schemes
  • Establishing carers groups
  • Increasing the number counselling sessions
  • Providing extra support for young families
  • Running diabetes events to help people prevent/manage diabetes
  • Developing Expert Patient Groups for people living with a long term health condition who wish to improve their health and share their experience with others.  



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