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Join your local patient participation group

The majority of our GP practices have Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) to give patients the opportunity to get involved in improving services and patient experiences at their GP practice.

Our PPGs are a mix of face to face and virtual patient groups. Seven of our groups meet face to face with practice staff at regular intervals. The rest of our practices have set up virtual patient groups, which gives all patients of the practice the opportunity to give their views and ideas via email and online surveys.

What do PPGs do? 

PPGs work in partnership with practice staff and GPs:

  • Providing the patients voice, ensuring future health services meet patients needs and priorities
  • Building stronger patient-doctor relationships
  • Supporting practice teams in activities such as carrying out patient surveys and organising health awareness events
  • Helping other patients manage and take control of their health.

To find out how you can join your practice’s patient participation group or sign up to a virtual group, please contact your GP practice



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