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Protect yourself from flu this winter

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Never underestimate the danger of flu. It's far more than the common cold. Its symptoms are more severe, last longer and if you have another health condition, it can lead to more serious illnesses, even death.

Last year there were over 1,500 hospital admissions related to flu in Bedfordshire and 278 people across the county died from flu-related illness.

Flu is particularly serious for vulnerable groups including the very old and the very young, pregnant women, people with other health conditions and their carers.

Vaccines are free for these groups and GPs say getting a a flu jab is probably the most important thing they can do to stay well this winter. The vaccine has been thoroughly tested and its side effects - if any - are minor. A needle free, nasal spray is available for young children.

Free vaccines, for those who are eligible, are avaiable from your GP practice or from a local pharmacy. Click on 'Where to get your flu jab 2014' available on this page.


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