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Locality profile

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Welcome to the Bedford locality profile page. Here you can find in-depth information about the health of local residents including facts and figures on population, diversity, life expectancy, health inequalities, health behaviours and variations between GP practices. 

Key facts about the population of Bedford 

For older people: 

• 13,149 people are over 75 years old (7.3% of total population) and 3,898 (2.2%) are over 85 years old. The proportion varies by GP practice – for over 75s this ranges from 2.2% to 11.0% of the practice population. 
• Of the 13,149 over 75s in Bedford, just over 6,300 live alone.
• An estimated 2,000 people in Bedford are living with dementia

For children and young people: 

• 22% of new born babies live with a smoker in Bedford locality. 
• It is estimated that 920 children aged 5-10 and 1,465 aged 11-16 in Bedford locality have a mental illness. Mental illness is more prevalent in boys than girls

• GP practices across Bedford did not achieve many of the targets for vaccinations for two- and five-year-olds, and some GP practices did not achieve the targets for one-year-olds either. 

For the 2014 locality profile (2013 data) click here.  


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