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Contracts (and non-contract activity)

Contracts with our healthcare providers

We hold contracts with hospitals, community and mental health trusts, and ambulance trusts, as well as other organisations which provide treatment and healthcare.  Regardless of the nature of the provider, Bedfordshire CCG uses the NHS Standard Contract.  This is mandated by NHS England for use by commissioners for all contracts for healthcare services other than primary care.  The standard contract itself; details on conditions; and technical guidance, are all available on the NHS England website.

As part of our commitment to being open and transparent, a list of our contracts with healthcare providers is available here. Please note that this is a dynamic document and as such is subject to frequent change and correction.

Care homes are covered by a separate document - to read this, click here

If you have any queries about these contracts, please contact bedsccg.enquiries@nhs.net

'Any Qualified Provider' (AQP)

The CCG commissions some services through the 'Any Qualified Provider' (AQP) procurement route.  All providers commissioned under the AQP route will have a standard NHS contract.  A list of these services, the providers, and the tariffs for 2014/15, will shortly be made available on this page, along with details of AQP activity during 2013/14.

Non-contract activity (NCA)

Bedfordshire CCG also deals with various other providers on an ad hoc basis rather than via a contract. 

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