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Out of Hospital Strategies - Bedford borough

Out of Hospital Out of Hospital Strategies - C. Beds

The out of hospital strategies have been developed in partnership between Bedford Borough Council, Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedfordshire CCG. They draw together a number of key areas of work, some of which have already been or are being delivered, and sets out how financial mechanisms and contractual arrangements are being used to support delivery.

Commissioning for the future - Commissioning intentions 2018 - 19

These are BCCGs commissioning intentions for 2018/19. We’ve outlined our commissioning intentions for the next year, produced in conjunction with patients, public and stakeholders.


Bedfordshire Adult Mental Health Crisis Care

Along with our partners across Bedfordshire, we have been looking at how we can improve the mental health crisis care response for adult residents living in Bedfordshire.

We wanted to hear views on how we could best support patients with mental health needs.

We gathered feedback via various channels, including public events, attending meetings with existing groups, and conducting a questionnaire which was also available in an easy read format.

Annual report front cover - JPEG

Bedfordshire CCG Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17

A detailed insight into how we as a CCG have met our legal and regulatory obligations, whilst pursuing our aims and objectives.

Bedfordshire CCG Operating Plan 2017-2019

Our Operational Plan for 2017-19 sets out how we intend to deliver our statutory responsibilities and our vision for healthcare services in Bedfordshire over the next two years.

Future in minds front cover

Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Future in Minds Local Transformation Plan 2017-2020.

This plan outlines the strategic priorities for promoting and improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health for children and young people (C&YP) in Bedfordshire and Luton.

Commissioning for the future - Commissioning intentions 2017 - 18

These are BCCGs commissioning intentions for 2017/18. There will be an opportunity for us to refresh them for the second year if required.

BCCG Annual Report Summary 2015 - 16

A summary of our Annual Report 2015 - 16

BCCG Annual report 2015/2016

BCCG Annual Report 2015-16

A detailed insight into how we as a CCG have met our legal and regulatory obligations, whilst pursuing our aims and objectives.


BCCG Bedfordshire Plan for Patients 2016-2017

Our operational delivery plan ‘The Bedfordshire Plan for Patients 2016 – 2017’ sets out the commissioning projects and activities to be undertaken by BCCG during the forthcoming year. It describes how we assure our commissioning functions.
 Commissioning Intentions 2015-16

BCCG Commissioning Intentions 2016-2017

These intentions inform our negotiations with providers and have been developed in the context of the review of healthcare services in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes and our financial recovery.
BCCG Annual Report 2014-15

BCCG Annual Report 2014-15


A detailed insight into how we as a CCG have met our legal and regulatory obligations, whilst pursuing our aims and objectives.


Bedfordshire Health and Social Care System Strategic Plan 2014-19

Bedfordshire Health and Social Care System Strategic Plan 2014-2019

A five year plan prepared in conjunction with health and social care organisations within the local health economy, in accordance with NHS planning guidance ‘Everyone Counts; Planning for Patients 2014/15 to 2018/19’
 BCCG Quality Strategy

BCCG Quality Strategy 2014-16

 Equality an Diversity strategy and Plan

Equality and Diversity Strategy 2015-18 and Action Plan 2015

This strategy and action plan highlights the importance that BCCG gives to equality and diversity and how it will embed into our core activities.

More information on equality and diversity


Mental Health Strategic Objectives 2013-16

Mental Health Strategic Objectives 2013-16

Sets out the CCG's strategic plans for improving mental health services over the next three years.

Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat

The 2014 Bedfordshire and Luton Declaration on improving outcomes for people experiencing mental health crisis 3 December 2014.
BCCG Primary Care Medicines Formulary

Primary care medicines formulary

Details of the most appropriate first choice of medicines for GP practices to use for patients in Bedfordshire.

More information


Bedfordshire Plan for Patients, 2014-16

Bedfordshire Plan for Patients 2014-16

Brings together everything that is important to us as commissioners of health services for Bedfordshire. It outlines our plans and projects and how we aim to improve health and wellbeing for local people over the next two years. More information

We have also produced the following summaries of the Plan for Patients, specifically tailored for patients in Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough.

Your Health in Bedford Borough

Your Health in Central Bedfordshire




Older publications

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Consultation and Engagement Report (May 2014) 

BCCG Annual Report 2013-14 

Bedfordshire Plan for Patients 2013-14

BCCG Corporate Plan 2013-14

Paediatric Services Pre-consultation Engagement Report 2013

A culture of care - our plans to implement the recommendations of the Francis Report (2013) 




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