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Arlesey Medical Practice

(updated 15 November 2016)

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) and NHS England (NHSE) are responsible for arranging GP services in Bedfordshire.  These are arranged through contracts with independent providers to run individual practices and services.

Arlesey Medical Centre is run under what is known as an Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) contract.  This is a contract that is locally negotiated rather than based on a national contract.  This means it can be more flexible to local needs, and it is open to a wider range of healthcare providers than the other types of contract. It is time limited (anything up to 25 years) rather than open ended, so a contract can be reviewed when it comes to an end to ensure it continues to deliver what the local NHS and patients need.

The APMS contract for Arlesey Medical Centre is due to end on 31 March 2017.

What has been done?

BCCG and NHSE needed to work out what services were needed at the medical practice and what should to include in the new contract. As part of this, we conducted a survey to gather the views of patients registered at the practice to find out how they thought services could be improved in the future.  

A report detailing the key findings from the survey is available to view here.

What happens next?

The contract went out to tender and organisations were invited to bid for the contract. 

The bids are currently being considered, and we should be in a position to announce our preferred bidder towards the end of December 2016.  The successful bidder will take over the running of the surgery on 1st April 2016.





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