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Our strategic objectives


If we achieve our objectives, we will move closer towards our vision: 

“To ensure through innovative, responsive and efficient clinical commissioning that our population has access to the highest quality healthcare providing the best patient experience possible within available resources.

For our Patients

We will increase healthy life expectancy and reduce health inequalities by:

1.  Systematically implementing prevention, early diagnosis and early intervention

2. Commissioning services that deliver evidence-based care, in the right place and at the right time, including promoting self-care and empowering patients to manage their own conditions.

3.  Making sure that care is high quality, safe and sustainable, that it improves health outcomes and wellbeing and provides a good patient experience.

For our Business

Using the statutory framework with best practice governance and transparency principles to be fully accountable to our population in commissioning and operating as a part of the wider health system

Ensure that the CCG commissions and operates in a financial manner consistent with the regulatory framework, long terms sustainability and best use of public money.

For our stakeholders/Partners and staff

We will work in close partnership with all the organisations who commission or provide care for our population, to integrate services where it makes sense and to achieve seamless transitions of care for patients where services remain separate.

Embedding member, public, patient, carer, staff and other stakeholders’ views through meaningful engagement into decision-making processes and commissioning intentions.


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