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Lifestyle Hub

Ideal for patients who feel they need to lose weight or get more active. Lifestyle Hub can support patients in need of some general lifestyle support.

Common problems we treat (within the following parameters)

  •          BMI Range 18.5kg/m2 and upwards
  •          Stable/controlled blood pressure
  •          Stable/controlled cholesterol
  •          Stable/controlled Type 2 Diabetes
  •          Mild – Moderate anxiety/depression
  •          Stable and controlled asthma/COPD
  •          Stable and controlled osteo/rheumatoid arthritis

Unfortunately, we cannot help with

  •          Type I diabetes
  •          HAD Score >15 / PHQ9 Score >14 (Severe anxiety / depression symptoms)
  •          Thoracic pain  (upper back)
  •          (Unexplained) weight loss
  •          Bladder or bowel dysfunction
  •          Not yet discharged from Mental Health services  
  •          Fever
  •          Ill health 
  •          Progressive neurological deficit (neurological disease)
  •          Saddle anesthesia (numbness)
  •          Disturbed gait (walking pattern)

Note: Red flags are internationally recognised as preventing a patient from exercise referral. Red Flags are symptoms or signs of a more serious / underlying disease that is beyond the scope of the Lifestyle Hub.

Contact us

For further information and to self-refer please visit https://www.bedfordshirehospitals.nhs.uk/lifestyle-hub-bedford-hospital/



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