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The Gunning Principles

We endeavour to follow the Gunning Principles when conducting our work.  These consist of four rules, which if followed, are designed to make consultation fair and a worthwhile exercise:

Proposals are still at a formative stage

  • A final decision has not yet been made, or predetermined, by the decision makers

There is sufficient information to give ‘intelligent consideration’

  • The information provided must relate to the consultation and must be available, accessible, and easily interpretable for consultees to provide an informed response

There is adequate time for consideration and response

  • There must be sufficient opportunity for consultees to participate in the consultation. There is no set timeframe for consultation, despite the widely accepted twelve-week consultation period, as the length of time given for consultee to respond can vary depending on the subject and extent of impact of the consultation

‘Conscientious consideration’ must be given to the consultation responses before a decision is made

  • Decision-makers should be able to provide evidence that they took consultation responses into account


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