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Children and Young people with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism

Children and young people over 14 years and adults with a Learning Disability are encouraged to book an appointment with their GP to have an Annual Health Check for CYP and adults post 14 years with LD each year to enable their early identification of needs and be offered appropriate support and treatment.

The NHS 10 year plan NHS Long-term plan further recognises the need to support children and young people with a learning disability and/or Autism with the aims to improve Health outcomes for these children and young people.  

The Transforming Care Programme (TCP) children and young person agenda has highlighted the need for Clinical Commissioning Groups to lead upon both the Care Education Treatment Review (CETR) and its emergency counterpart – Local Area Emergency Protocol (LAEP) process. The aim is to offer optimum care closer to home for children and young people (up to 18 years) with a Learning Disability (LD), Autism or both and as a result; avoid inappropriate specialist in-patient hospital admission/readmission.

CETRs and LAEPs are driven by the NHS but the involvement of other agencies in the CETR process and in agreeing outcomes is integral to improving the care, education and treatment for children and young people with LD, Autism (or both) and their families.

The ‘spirit’ in which CETRs are carried out is paramount and is rooted in principles of human rights, child and young person-centeredness and co-production.

The principles and standards are designed to ensure that all children and young people who have a CETR have a consistent, quality CETR experience leading to an effective review of their care, education and treatment to enable creative solutions to avoid children and young being admitted to specialist in-patient hospitals unnecessarily.

These standards support the implementation of the CETR Policy Care Education Treatment Review policy and guidance  and is important to read along with the CETR Toolkit  CETR Code and Toolkit (Children and Young people up to 18 years).


For further information please contact:

Katherine Hampson

Lead Nurse Assessor and Acting Complex Care Manager for Children and Young People

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Tel: 01525 624331

Secure Email: katherine.hampson2@nhs.net


For adults post 18 years with LD/Autism the standards and guidance is similar within the Care Treatment Review Policy. 

For further information please contact:

Alida Dillon

Learning Disabilities Commissioning Manager

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group





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