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Heart and Lung Services - Patient Survey

Survey has closed

NHS Bedfordshire CCG is considering the way heart and lung services are provided in Bedfordshire. We are looking at how we can make improvements to the way that heart and lung services are delivered and how we can bring care out of hospital and closer to home.

In developing services our intention is that they integrate with the hospital departments, GP practices, community services and the voluntary sector to ensure the best service for our patients.

Bedfordshire CCG would like to hear from patients, and their carers, who have been diagnosed with a Heart or Lung Condition(s).

We would like to hear patients views of current services to understand what works well and where patients feel services could be improved to keep people with heart and lung conditions healthy and well.

There are two seperate surveys, one for those with a Heart Condition and one for those with a lung condition.  The surveys are for Bedfordshire patients aged over 18 and the surveys are open until midnight on 20 December 2019.

Lung Condition Patient Survey


Heart Condition Patient Survey



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