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Working with Parent Carer Forums 'You Said, We Did'

We regularly work and engage with the parent carer forums in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire.

You told us:

Our response: 

The waiting list to be seen by a paediatrician was too long as it is was taking more than 20 weeks for your child to be assessed.

Thanks to our coproduction with Parent Carer Forums, this issue was highlighted through qualitative feedback even before the data being available at our regular contract meetings with the provider. Due to this we were able to address the situation before it escalated.

We worked with Cambridgeshire Community Health Services to develop a recovery plan to address waiting times.  More staff were recruited into the service to meet the increased demands. Saturday Clinics were also held to increase the number of children and young people who can be seen by the service. 

This has ensured that all those currently within the service and overdue a medication review have been seen and there is a plan in place to continue to reduce Referral To Treatment (RTT) waiting times for community paediatrics and complete a review of all those currently on the caseload who are overdue a review appointment.

You wanted more training and information on sensory processing difficulties.

Working with our partners in the Local Authority and with Bedfordshire Community Health Services we have commissioned additional training on Sensory Processing Difficulties for parents and carers. This training has also been delivered to schools staff. In 2019 87 parents and 47 education staff accessed this training.

We are exploring additional training in 2020 and working with our parent carer forums to coproduce new training to be delivered by community health services in this area.

You thought the CAMH Service was working well and wanted this to be made available in local primary schools as well as Secondary Schools.BCCG were successful in a bid for a team of Education Mental Health Support Teams. This team will be working with 10 schools in Bedford Borough with 90% of those schools being Primary Schools. This is in addition to the CAMHS School Service which will continue to provide a linked CAMHS worker for every Secondary School in Bedford Borough.

There was a delay for children and young people accessing the Speech and Languages Therapy (SALT) services.

Working in partnership with Bedford Borough Council we jointly identified additional resources to put towards clearing the backlog of children and young people overdue a Speech and Language Assessment as described in the provision of their Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This project has now been completed and all children who were overdue an assessment have now been seen.

We have continued to work with the community provider of Speech and Language Therapy and the Local Authority to review pathways to support and undertake a supply and demand analysis. We are delighted that our colleagues in Bedford Borough Council have committed funding to jointly commission additional Speech and Language Therapists and Therapy Assistants to work in the Bedford Borough schools and early years settings.

You were concerned that families had not responded to the invitation from the Speech and Language Therapy service (SALT) to contact them to make an appointment for an assessment.Working in partnership with the Parent Carer Forums and Cambridge Community Services we co-produced a letter which was sent to families. Arrangements were made for the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) for schools to contact these families and encourage them to respond to the letter so that their child could be seen by the service where appropriate.

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