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Lung Services 'You Said, We Did'

We held patient workshops to look at how we could make general service improvements to the way that existing lung services are provided.

You told us: Our response:

You don’t receive enough information about your lung condition and that there is a lack of patient feedback about the annual review.

It is difficult to attend group sessions for pulmonary rehabilitation.

Following discharge and diagnosis there was a lack of follow up care for patients or carers. 

You would like improved access to rescue packs.

You suggested that there opportunities to improve the service such as:

Increasing the awareness of breathe easy groups and other services.

Improving self-management advice through the use of COPD Support and providing COPD Passports.

Making best use of TV screens in primary care (GP Surgeries). 

Improving awareness and accessibility of Pulmonary Rehab services, Out of Hours services and general improvement in the knowledge of available services.

We will use this information to help shape service improvement and redesign, ensuring your expectations are listened to and embedded within transformation plans going forward.   We will provide further information as the service starts to transform.

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